• Julie England5 star A brilliant group and class, excellent Sensei, my son loves it, he never likes to miss a nigh teven with illness or injury he wants to go, i sent my son to help him it was the best thing i could have done and it has really helped him, i would recommend it to anyone who wants to build confidence, to help with defence and respect
  • Eve Tegerdine Was Gissing5 star My husband and children all are students and have been for a number of years. The club is friendly and encouraging and achieves a high standard of martial arts with the right mix of discipline, respect, tuition and FUN
  • Chris Ward5 star It is a brilliant group to join and learn martial arts with! Have been a member for the last seven years and am preparing for my third dan, having had great fun along the way. The Sensei are absolutely first rate as is the instruction. The hardest part is taking the first step and getting on the mat, but you won't regret it
  • Sophie Wilkinson5 star Its a welcoming, high achieving club that offers quality self defense teaching of the highest standard. Not only can you learn the art of jujitsu and all it offers (fitness, self respect, core strength and control), but you can compete at national and international events, learn a variety of cool weapons and meet a great group of people:)
  • Jenny Gamble5 star My two kids really enjoy learning Jujitsu - it has benefitted them in a number of ways. Fitness, discipline, technique. They enjoy progressing through the belts -taking on the new challenges as they come.
    We have all made a number of really good friends as part of the Jujitsu family.
  • Bujutsu Jujutsu5 star
  • Kelly Broderick5 star Its an awesome class both dragons & juniors. Our 2 sons have been going since dragons, ones in juniors now and he's learning loads. Our other 2 kids are on the waiting list for when there old enough & it's the only martial art I would want them to do not just for the learning & discipline but also because of the great sensei's that teach it. Could not ask for anything more
  • Zoe Jay Jones-Hinchliffe5 star These guys are fantastic. They all work so well with the kids they teach. And they teach them more than just jujitsu, they teach them to respect themselves and others around them, as well as vital life skills x