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Course & Comps 2016


Results from our comps on Saturday


Empty Hand Kata

Gold: Michal Stryjski
Silver: Grace Keegan

Weapons Kata

Gold: Elsie Lewis-Smedley
Silver: Jack Whittaker
Bronze: Matthew Ladds

Whacky Whackers Category 1

Gold: George Weare
Silver: Liam Turrington
Bronze: Oliver Ryan
Bronze: Jack Craddock

Whacky Whackers Category 2

Gold: Theo Liversedge
Silver: ?????????????????
Bronze: Kyle Craddock
Bronze: Cerys Ballinger

Whacky Whackers Category 3

Gold: Agnijan Vaheesan
Silver: Kian Day
Bronze: Viknash Nimalan
Bronze: Motiejus Trumpickas

Sumo Category 1

Gold: Cerys Ballinger
Silver: Josh West
Bronze: Harry Coe
Bronze: Keira Broderick

Sumo Category 2

Gold: Agnijan Vaheesan
Silver: Kameron Dosanjh
Bronze: Theo Liversedge
Bronze: Cillian Broderick

Sumo Category 3

Gold: Leo Martin
Silver: Motiejus Trumpickas
Bronze: Jamie Ballinger
Bronze: Daniel West

Sumo Category 4

Gold: Zak Day
Silver: Kian Day
Bronze: Riley Crowson
Bronze: Viknash Nimalan

Randoms Category 1

Gold: Grace Keegan
Silver: Viknash Nimalan
Bronze: Jamie Ballinger
Bronze: Motiejus Trumpickas

Randoms Category 2

Gold: Liam Horspole
Silver: Zac Day
Bronze: Archie Frusher
Bronze: Ethan Broderick

Randoms Category 3

Gold: Jack Whittaker
Silver: Michal Stryiski
Bronze: Angus Murray
Bronze: Emily Ward

Ground Fighting Category 1

Gold: Archie Frusher
Silver: Ethan Broderick
Bronze: George King
Bronze: Elsie Lewis-Smedley
Bronze: Shire Nimalan

Ground Fighting Category 2

Gold: Liam Horspole
Silver: Angus Murray
Bronze: Matthew Ladds
Bronze: Emily Ward

Continuous Category 1:

Gold: Ethan Broderick
Silver: Manos Maragoudakis
Bronze: Shira Nimalan

Continuous Category 2:

Gold: Michal Stryjski
Silver: Liam Horspole
Bronze: Jack Whittaker
Bronze: Sam Mallett
Bronze: Jonny Gamble

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