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Sensei Martin Hunnable


Name and grade?


Martin Hunnable – Yondan (4th Dan)


When did you start training with Fenland Ju-Jitsu

I started learning the Jikishin Ju-Jitsu syllabus in 1994 & Set up Fenland Ju-Jitsu Academy in September 2003 when I moved to the Fens


Why did you choose Ju-Jitsu

I have been training the the Martial Arts since i was 6 years old and finally setteled on Ju-Jitsu as for me it was the most complete Martial Art I had ever tried


Did you do any other sports before Ju-Jitsu?

I have participated in the following: -

  • Judo
  • Aikido
  • Tang Soo Doo
  • Football
  • Weight training ( in my younger days)
  • High Board Diving (at county level)



Tell us about your first class.

My first class with in Ju-Jitsu was great i was hooked right from the start


Was it easy to fit in?



Was it difficult to learn?

No not really, some aspects are are more difficult than others but everbody finds that certain things are easier than others but i firmly believe that anything worth while takes effort and Ju-Jitsu in no exception


Why do you like Ju-Jitsu?

Because it is a practical, effective self-defence system as well as being good exercise and a good way to make new friends


Ever had to use Ju-Jitsu for real?

Unfortunatly Yes (not something I am proud of) but I felt controlled enough to defuse the situation quickly and escape.


Do you enter competitions?

Not anymore but i had some success in my youger days and have represented the UK overseas on many occasions


Has Ju-Jitsu changed your life?

I should say so in my house it is a case of "Ju-Jitsu is my life".


How much time does training require?

It is up to the individual but personally I teach 4 nights a week, travel down to London at least once a fortnight to train with my Instructors and try to never miss a course (usually about 6-8 per year).

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