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Mark Jones
Sensei Mark Jones


Name and grade?

Mark Jones, Sandan (3rd Dan)



When did you start training with Fenland Ju-Jitsu

I started with I started with Fenland Ju-Jitsu quite some time ago, after looking for a good Jitsu club in the area.



Why did you choose Ju-Jitsu

It was by accident that I first started. I was doing Karate when the class stopped so I started Ju-Jitsu so that I could continue training. I was being bullied so I moved into Jitsu, after reaching Green belt I just didn’t get bullied anymore.



Did you do any other sports before Ju-Jitsu?

Martial arts I did Judo and Karate, other sports I did a little some swimming and squash.



Tell us about your first class.

My first ever class was very hard (I was only 10), all these people in strange outfits! however I was soon made to feel welcome and have now been training for ermm lots of years. First Class at Fenland was great, nice bunch of people and I was looked after well and decided to stay. .

First Class at Fenland was great, nice bunch of people and I was looked after well



Was it easy to fit in?

People soon accepted me and gave me lots of support and help to get back in to Jitsu after the break I’d had of so many years.



When did you think about getting your black belt?

I first started to think about getting my Black belt, about the time I got my purple belt, which was early in 1989. It was at that point I increased the amount of training I was doing, so it was about a year after I started.



Was it difficult to learn?

Generally no, there are sections that I personally fount difficult, but it’s different for each person, sometimes you just get a mental block on something and have to work out a way to make it work for you.



Why do you like Ju-Jitsu?

It gives me confidence in the things I do, while giving me a sense of being able to look after myself if I needed to. The training helps me stay fit. I also enjoy passing on my knowledge to others so that they can get the same benefits.



Ever had to use Ju-Jitsu for real?

Just once, A group tried to attack me while out on a Saturday night in Nottingham. Generally Jitsu gives you the knowledge to look at things differently, which causes you to avoid dangerous situations.



Do you enter competitions?

I have entered several competitions over the years. I won the Embo competition for the North East in 1990, took the bronze at the TJF Jitsu competition in Birmingham a few years ago. I still go to competitions each year, but don’t compete as much as I did.



Has Ju-Jitsu changed your life?

YES!!!! Seriously though, once you start and train regularly it becomes a way of life, that you miss if you stop, I have stopped before but always end up coming back.



How much time does training require?

It varies depending what you can do and the level you are training at, when I started I did one session a week, by the time I was training for purple belt – Black belt I was doing 6-8 sessions a week, I now do 1 or 2 session a week again but starting to do a few extra sessions when I can especially when a grading gets closer .

I am also lucky to have a Dojo at home so I can train when the mood takes me, but it’s a very personal thing.

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