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Junior Martial Arts Classes

Some of the Benefits:

  • Increased self-confidence with peers and adults

  • Heightened self-esteem and self respect

  • Exercise

  • Safe, Fun, and progressive training environment

  • Street safety awareness and bully prevention

Fenland Ju-Jitsu Academy Program offers a unique martial arts experience for all children between the ages of 6 and 15. The classes focus on foundation principles of the martial arts and emphasize personal growth and character development. All curriculums are developmentally appropriate.

In these classes (ages 6-15), the students are taught how the lessons of Ju Jitsu can be used in every aspect of their lives. Teaching them how to focus helps to optimizes their potential. All students understand that "We are a Black Belt School". That means we teach what we expect of a Black Belt: - caring, sharing, helping, giving, being a good citizen etc. The only reason to join our program is if you want to be a Black Belt. It involves that understanding, and making a commitment to accomplish the goal of becoming a Black Belt in every way.

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