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James Cottee
Sensei James Cottee


Name and grade?

James Cottee – Yondan (4th Dan)


When did you start training with Fenland Ju-Jitsu

March 2004?


Why did you choose Ju-Jitsu

Ju-Jitsu has been part of my life for the last 20 years


Did you do any other sports before Ju-Jitsu?

I have participated in the following: -

  • Judo
  • Aikido
  • Football – 5 & 11-a-side
  • Squash
  • Weight training
  • Rugby



Tell us about your first class.

My first class with fenland Ju-Jitsu was well taught, professional as well as being fun.


Was it easy to fit in?

Yes, it was very easy to fit in and I was made to feel welcome from the start.


Was it difficult to learn?

Ju-Jitsu is not difficult to learn especially when it is taught well.


Why do you like Ju-Jitsu?

It is a practical, effective self-defence with the tradition and history of the noble Samurai.


Ever had to use Ju-Jitsu for real?

Not yet.


Do you enter competitions?



Has Ju-Jitsu changed your life?

As previously mentioned, I have been doing Ju-jitsu for 20 years and it forms a major part of my life, on a social basis as well as a Martial art.


How much time does training require?

As much as you are capable of giving it - and then a bit more so that you REALLY get the most from it.

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